Master of Public Leadership & Policy

Developing Future Global Leaders

Modern societies demand that those in positions of power protect the public interest and pursue the common good. The primary expectation is effective leadership, particularly in the development and delivery of public policy. Despite the substantial premium placed on public leadership, few theorists and even fewer practitioners have closely examined the challenges of exercising public leadership in a range of contexts or the relationship between public leadership and policy formulation.  

The Master of Public Leadership and Policy at UNSW Canberra uniquely addresses this gap by offering students a combination of courses focused specifically on public leadership. The program combines this with a rich selection of electives that address broader issues related to local, national and global policy and its implementation. The Master of Public Leadership and Policy has been developed to serve those occupying or aspiring to positions of public leadership, as well as postgraduate scholars seeking to develop research competence in this highly significant emerging field. 

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You can find more information on this degree on the UNSW Handbook.

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Students undertaking this program are required to take 8 courses (48 UOC) comprising 12 UOC of core courses, with the remaining 6 courses selected from the elective courses listed below in Course Availability.

- Students can take either ZHSS8401 (6 UOC x 2 consecutive sessions to make up a total of 12 UOC) or ZHSS8400 (12 UOC) as elective.

- Students may, with the approval of the Postgraduate Coordinator, take up to two courses (12 UOC) from other courses offered in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Business or related coursework programs.

Students are required to complete 12 UOC of the following core courses:

Core Courses Semester 1 - 2021 Semester 2 - 2021
Leadership Distance Mode Not Offered
Power and Australian Government Policy Distance Mode Not Offered
Principles Public Leadership Distance Mode Distance Mode



 Students are required to complete 36 UOC of the following courses:

Note - Students can take either ZHSS8401 (6 UOC x 2 consecutive sessions to make up a total of 12 UOC) or ZHSS8400 (12 UOC) as elective.

Elective Courses Semester 1 - 2021 Semester 2 - 2021
Strategic Management Distance Mode Distance Mode
Change Management Distance Mode Not Offered
People and Systems Distance Mode Not Offered
Cross Cultural Management Not Offered Distance Mode
Strategic Communication Not Offered Not Offered
Australian Defence Policy: Concepts and Challenges Not Offered Distance Mode
Global Justice and World Politics Not Offered Not Offered
ZHSS8400 Research Project - IPS Single Session (12UoC) Distance Mode Distance Mode
ZHSS8401 Research Project - IPS Full Year (6UoC) Distance Mode Distance Mode
Cyber-Security and World Politics Not Offered Distance Mode





Please refer to the UNSW Handbook for the Entry Requirements.